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KMC Adds In-House Capability for Specialized Jobs

Trumpf Trumatic 1000

KMC’s commitment to quality includes investing in equipment that will improve the manufacturability of our products. Our newest addition, a laser cutting and fabrication machine, will benefit our partners by improving turn-around times, reducing costs and bettering reliability and quality by increasing production line efficiency and allowing us to bring specialty jobs in-house.

The Trumpf TruMatic 1000 fiber offers the latest in tool design and automation. It is a compact laser machine that punches holes, bends flanges, and forms threads, all operations that historically required a secondary operation or outside service. Measurements are pre-programmed, up to 40 sheets of metal can be auto-loaded, and parts can be punched out and sorted, or left tabbed in the sheet. The machine uses smart punch monitoring to detect broken punches at an early stage and communicate the information with the operator to avoid rejects.

Features like these will save production time by drastically reducing the amount of manual processes that are required from our current equipment line. Here are just two examples:

  1. Number Stamps – Number stamps were previously applied downstream and required separate loading,staging, and quality checks. Now, we can program the numbers into the TruMatic 1000 software at thebeginning of production so they can be stamped in order prior to parts being cut from the metal sheet. Thiscreates consistency in stamping and eliminates errors in the setting.
  2. Small Parts – The TruMatic 1000 can automatically sort parts up to 7 x 7 in., sending them through a chute toup to four different storage areas. Previously our equipment required a dedicated person to hand-sort smallparts. This automation frees up our skilled operators to do more value-added work.

One of the major goals we have with the Trumpf TruMatic is to create parts in-house that we might have had to outsource in the past. We can now punch holes and handle small bends and other intricate details on small parts that before, with high volume orders, were not cost-effective to complete in-house.

Bringing this capability in-house will reduce cost and improve turnaround time for our customers. It also allows us to meet a wider range of volume requirements. Whether it’s one dozen or a few thousand, we will be able to seamlessly produce high-quality parts without sacrificing efficiency on the floor.

Through our commitment to continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence, KMC strives to offer the best solutions to our clients.

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